During the early collaborative stage of research, the ultimate goal is unknowable #serendipity is #creativity 


Yesterday I met my host Dr Zhou- and he was as gracious as I had hoped- prompt, friendly and relaxed. On the taxi over to my hotel we had a good talk about where we could help each other on this scientific exchange. What I find interesting is his tissue phantom work using optical coherence tomography (OCT) to characterize the vessel wall. He has not done work in vulnerable plaque in vessels- which is my interest. Could this be the intersection of interests that could lead to a collaboration?  Who knows- what’s fun is that research is an organic process- it can’t be forced and we just have to see how things develop. 


There is definitely a sense of energy, urgency in China as it strives to develop rapidly. I think that’s the reason, in part, for the country’s enthusiasm for outreach and exchange programs at this time.  It’s wonderful to be a tiny part in this change, and take advantage of working with experts that want to be active collaborators. Even with this program I can certainly feel the oversight of the state, instructing where to stay, what my agenda should look like etc. I can understand the need for a highly structured and regulated approach even though sometimes the best ideas come from serendipity combined with wonder (just having fun). I realize this approach is very different than our system, but it’s also an opportunity to appreciate a very different culture. 

My first day in the lab is today- wish me luck! 

1st Ontario China young scientist exchange program 

The program Began this week in Beijing. I and 4 other Ontario scientists were selected to participate- I missed the first week due to clinical duties but will travel to China for the last 2 weeks. 

Hmmm… I feel a bit older than the above crowd but as a clinician scientist I’ve had to be in school much longer prior to starting my scientific career. 18 years of training post secondary!  The life of a clinician scientist- challenges and rewards.  Follow this blog as I share my journey to China and knowledge. 

Getting ready for my trip

imageThis is where I will blog!

from China!

The above pic is a beach in Poland taken by my friend Szymon.

I won’t be able to use Twitter in China-  so I’ll be active here.

tthanks to julia from CINQ setting it up!