Publications and Abstract Presentations

Selected Recent Publications:

  1. Boswell-Patterson CA, Hétu MF, Pang SC, Herr JE, Zhou J, Jain S, Bambokian A, Johri AM (2023) Novel theranostic approaches to neovascularized atherosclerotic plaques. Atherosclerosis 374: 1-10.
  2. Cui E, Kersche G, Grubic N, Hetu MF, Pang SC, Sillesen H, Johri AM (2023) Effect of pharmacologic anti-atherosclerotic therapy on carotid intraplaque neovascularization: A systematic review. Journal of Clinical Lipidology (in press)
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  4. Hill B, Grubic N, Williamson M, Phelan DM, Baggish AL, Dorian P, Drezner JA, Johri AM (2023) Does cardiovascular preparticipation screening cause psychological distress in athletes? A systematic review. British Journal of Sports Medicine 57 (3), 172-178.
  5. Liblik K, Hu R, Mensour EA, Foldes-Busque G, Sedlak T, Udell J, Mulvagh SL, Johri AM (2023) Female Risk Factors for Post-Infarction Depression and Anxiety: Trial Design. Cardiology 148 (1): 12-19.
  6. Wong S, Nihal S, Yu D, Ke J, Neary E, Wu L, Ocran E, Cenkowski M, Grubic N, Pang SC, Johri AM (2023) Lessons Learned from POCUS Instruction in Undergraduate Medicine During the COVID-19 Pandemic. POCUS Journal 8: 81
  7. Almufleh A, Kushneriuk D, Yu E, Johri A, Ducas R, Thibodeau-Jarry N, Ramer S, De S, Blissett S, Yu C, Yu A, Szeto K, Chen-Tournoux A, Nair P (2023) Evaluating Independent Echocardiography Interpretation Skills; A Novel Assessment Tool. Canadian Journal of Cardiology (in press)
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  9. Johri AM, Glass C, Hill B, Jensen T, Puentes W, Olusanya O, Capizzano NJ, Dancel R, Reierson K, Reisinger N, Liblik K, Galen BT (2023) The Evolution of Cardiovascular Ultrasound: A Review of Cardiac Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Across Specialties. The American Journal of Medicine (in press)
  10. Grubic N, Johri AM (2023) Development of an Online Cardiovascular Pre-participation Screening Tool: The Community & Athletic Cardiovascular Health Network Screening Portal. Can J Cardiol (in press)
  11. Grubic N, Allan KS, Drezner JA, Hill B, Johri AM (2023) Public emotions and opinions following the sudden cardiac arrest of a young athlete: A sentiment analysis. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, S0735-6757 (23) 00130
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  13. Brooks SC, Sivilotti MLA, Hétu MF, Norman PA, Day AG, O’Callaghan N, Latiu V, Newbigging J, Hill B, Johri AM. (2023) Focused carotid ultrasound to predict major adverse cardiac events among emergency department patients with chest pain. Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine. 25: 81-89.

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