Science and culture in Guangzhou #nanobubble technology is popping


Day 1 at the Sun Yat Sen university went well. We discussed the lab’s expertise in nanobubble formation for drug delivery and I expressed the need for this work in atherosclerosis treatment and vulnerable plaque. We seem to be on track to putting together a proposal- a few more ideas to crystallize.   

The campus itself is open air, affording breath taking views from my office.  


I had a great time meeting biomedical engineering students and discussing their projects- so friendly and enthusiastic. Tan is the silent strong type- who powers through problems, Gavin is the talkative enthusiastic smart guy, and Yung is the confident young women who commands respect from her classmates because of how bright she is. I mentioned how I feel a bit cut-off as I can’t acess Google, gmail, and Twitter in China and they laughed off my predicament.  It doesn’t seem to bother most people as they have many other SM options.

Students here are proud of their work, their center and their dreams of travel and accomplishment. It’s nice to be able to share the work of my grad students.  Today Gavin is going to show me how to use the metro- it’s jam packed during commuting hours so here’s hoping I won’t be too crushed.   Today I give another presentation of our lab- and I’m going to focus a bit on Queen’s as well. 

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