Salwa Nihal, MBBS MPhil MSc (Research Educator)

Dr. Salwa Nihal graduated and practiced as a medical doctor overseas but have adopted Kingston as her home.  Due to her experience in medical teaching and research, she has now taken steps to build a career in medical education and research. She did her Master’s degree in Human Physiology (2012) and completed a second Master’s degree in Anatomical Sciences at Queen’s University (2017). Dr. Nihal’s research interests lie in the development of online modules for Cardiac and Lung Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for Medical Schools. She is the author of the first two chapters of E-learning POCUS modules for novel users currently housed on the ASE (American Society of Echocardiography) official website. She has successfully conducted a study for testing the POCUS modules with the medical students at Queen’s, funded by a SEAMO education grant.

She is now the Manager, Transitional Institute of Medicine (TIME) in the Dept. of Medicine and continues to collaborate with CINQ on the ARCTICA project.