Navigating high volume echo at Guangdong General- 6 scans an hour! @ase360

Navigating a metro system serving a city of ~25 million people and all in Chinese- no problem- I can get you anywhere.  Just follow me close or be lost in the crush.  Once aboard enjoy the city’s best free wifi on the train. 
Notice how everyone is thin! It’s because they don’t eat bread but enjoy a ton of seafood, some sort of red spiky lycee, and something called DragonFruit.  Surprisingly Dr Zhou tells me that heart disease is on an alarming rise in China, and perhaps is the number one killer above cancer now- making my visit to Guangdong General Hospital Cardiovascular Institute all the more prescient.
The Institute is open air and I have the opportunity to present to an audience of approximately 50 medical students, residents, and cardiologists. I received great questions on my work in cardiac risk stratification and carotid ultrasound. So glad I was able to impart some knowledge during this visit.  
The echo lab here is high volume~ 5-6 patients scanned in an hour. The physician does the scan (there are no sonographers) and an assistant quickly types up a report. Each TTE is a limited study of about 10 images saved.  But..but… What about assessing the PASP I ask for the image below?   Too late the next 30 patients are waiting…
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