CINQ on the cover of JASE

This month’s issue of the Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography features artwork from our State-of-the-Art review article “Novel Ultrasound Methods to Investigate Carotid Plaque Vulnerability” by Dr. Amer Johri, Julia Herr, Terry Li, Olivia Yau, and Dr. Vijay Nambi

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Basmajian Research Award

Dr. Johri was the recipient of the 2015/16 Mihran and Mary Basmajian Award for Excellence in Health Research, which was established by Dr. John Basmajian, former Head of the Department of Anatomy at Queen’s University, over four decades ago. It is given to full-time members of the Faculty of Health Sciences who are judged to have made the most meritorious contributions to health research during the previous year or several years.

Dr. Johri presented the Basmajian lecture on November 24, 2016. It was entitled: “Look to Windward: Novel Vascular Ultrasound Applications for Atherosclerosis