1st Ontario China young scientist exchange program 

The program Began this week in Beijing. I and 4 other Ontario scientists were selected to participate- I missed the first week due to clinical duties but will travel to China for the last 2 weeks. 

Hmmm… I feel a bit older than the above crowd but as a clinician scientist I’ve had to be in school much longer prior to starting my scientific career. 18 years of training post secondary!  The life of a clinician scientist- challenges and rewards.  Follow this blog as I share my journey to China and knowledge. 

Getting ready for my trip

imageThis is where I will blog!

from China!

The above pic is a beach in Poland taken by my friend Szymon.

I won’t be able to use Twitter in China-  so I’ll be active here.

tthanks to julia from CINQ setting it up!