CINQ Lab Members


Meet Our Team

The Cardiovascular Imaging Network at Queen’s, including members of the Echo Lab at the Kingston General Hospital, is made up of a diversely skilled team of faculty, fellows, students, research staff, administrative staff, and technical staff.



Dr. Amer M. Johri, MD MSc FRCPC FASE (Director of CINQ)

Dr. Amer Johri is a member of the echocardiography group at Queen’s University and the Director of CINQ. He arrived after completing a research/clinical fellowship in imaging at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA under the supervision of Drs. M.H. Picard, J. Hung, and J. Passeri. His clinical interests are in 3D echocardiography, quality control in the echo lab, and interventional echocardiography. He also has extensive experience in echo-guided CRT optimization and TEE guided percutaneous aortic valve replacement.

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Research Staff

Marie-France Hetu, PhD (Research Associate, CINQ Manager)

Marie-France is responsible for developing, administering, and managing all research projects at CINQ. She is the project leader, research coordinator, and image analyst for the ECoM trial. She acts as the point of contact for students, Health Canada, REB, and Industry. Having worked for PARTEQ Innovations and Green Centre Canada as a Research Analyst, she has experience in commercialization. She has expertise in 3D carotid plaque quantification, protocol development, data management and analysis. She holds an MSc and a PhD from Queen’s University in Molecular Biology.


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Julia Herr, MSc (Research Assistant)

Julia Herr is a Research Coordinator for the ECoM clinical trial and the TAVI-Factor study. Her areas of expertise include plaque quantification and greyscale image analysis of carotid ultrasound images. She is also the web designer and administrator for the CINQ Lab website, the layout editor for POCUS Journal, and the CINQ Lab’s medical illustrator. She holds an MSc from the University of Guelph in Integrative Biology, where she studied the role of inorganic ions on mucus release from an ancient fish.


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Kiera Liblik (Research Assistant)

Kiera Liblik is a third-year Life Science (SSP) student at Queen’s University. She is currently assisting with recruitment, appointments, and data input for the ECoM study. She is also assisting with data input with the Cardiac Care Network. She hopes to attend medical school in either Canada or Australia.


Graduate Students

Terry Li, MSc (PhD Candidate, Anatomy and Cell Biology)

Terry's research is in cardio-genetics, with focus on single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with coronary artery disease (CAD). He is also interested in the association between SNPs and carotid plaques and is trained in carotid ultrasound imaging. In addition, he is involved in vascular ultrasound phantom development and the application of imaging contrast agents. Outside of research, Terry works as the Chief Prosector in the School of Medicine, overseeing dissection and teaching for the first-ear anatomy course. He holds an MSc in Anatomical Sciences from Queen's University, where he became equipped with a solid foundation in all facets of anatomy while being groomed for skills in teaching. Terry received his BSc in Physiology from University of Toronto.

Laura Mantella, MSc (MD/PhD Student)

Laura Mantella is an MD/PhD student at Queen’s University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Genetics from McMaster University in 2014. She also holds a Master of Science in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Toronto, where she studied the role of long non-coding RNA in aortic aneurysm formation. Laura’s research in the CINQ Lab involves the use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound to link carotid plaque neovascularization with severity of coronary atherosclerosis and cardiac outcome.


Olivia Yau, BSc (MSc Student)

Olivia Yau is a 2nd year masters student in the Experimental Medicine field of the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences. Her research involves ultrasound phantom studies - specifically investigating the human carotid artery and vulnerable plaque. Her work involves building phantom plaques as well as conducting vascular ultrasound on her phantoms. She holds a BSc from Queen's University in Biology and Chemistry, where she specialized in conservation genetics.


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Kayla Colledanchise, HBSc (MSc Student)

Kayla Colledanchise is an MSc student in the Experimental Medicine program at Queen’s University. Her project involves the utilization of ultrasound technology to evaluate carotid plaque vulnerability. She completed an HBSc in Biology at Lakehead University, where she studied the pathogenesis of H. influenzae and its interactions with the innate immune system.


Undergraduate Thesis Students

Ryan Chow (PATH499 Student - DBMS)

Ryan Chow is a fourth-year Life Science student at Queen’s University, specializing in Cardiorespiratory Science. He is currently assisting with a review article on the implications of handheld ultrasound education for medical students. He has also helped with patient baseline recruitment for the ECoM study, and will begin work on an undergraduate thesis project this coming year. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Ryan hopes to return to his hometown to attend medical school at the University of British Columbia following graduation.

Milena Bullen (PATH499 Student - DBMS)

Milena Bullen is a fourth-year Life Science student at Queen’s University, specializing in Pathology. Her research involves the comparison of 2D and 3D greyscale image analysis of carotid artery atherosclerotic plaques in patients with metabolic syndrome.


Echocardiography Fellow

Zardasht Jaff, MBChB, FRCPC (Clinical Echo Fellow)

Zardasht Jaff is originally from Kurdistan, where he attended Hawler Medical School. He did Internal Medicine and Cardiology Residencies at Queen’s University, and is now a Clinical Echo Fellow through the CINQ Echo Fellowship Program. Zardasht divides his time between the Kingston General Hospital Echo Lab (clinical) and research at CINQ (academic).


Fellows, Residents, and Medical Students

Cardiology Fellows:

  1. Jeffrey Wilkinson, MD, PGY6, Division of Cardiology, Queen’s University
    Project: Hand-held Cardiac Ultrasound.
  2. Tina Zhu, MD, PGY 5
    Project: Contrast enhanced carotid ultrasound

Internal Medicine Residents:

  1. Mohammed Al-Turki, MD, PGY3 Queen’s University, Internal Medicine.
    Project: Tavi Study
  2. Nathaniel Moulson, MD, PGY3 Queen’s University, Internal Medicine.
    Project: The Feasibility of Hand-held Cardiac Ultrasound for Screening University Varsity Athletes for Structural causes of Sudden Cardiac Death by Non-Cardiologists.
  3. Madeline Warner, MD, PGY2 Queen’s University, Internal Medicine
    Project: Evaluation of a multi-media learning tool for teaching critical care cardiology
  4. Joshua Durban, PGY 1, Queen’s University, Internal Medicine
    Project: POCUS teaching for medical students

Past Students, Fellows, and Residents